What is this, the 50’s?

(11:16:08 PM) edar:
At the tone, the time will be:

t-minus 45 minutes to drinking-at-stobers o’clock

(11:16:11 PM) edar:


(11:16:24 PM) eric: bep bep bep
(11:16:48 PM) nathan: edar, these kids have no idea what you mean
(11:16:56 PM) edar: oh shit. i hadn’t even thought of that.
(11:17:02 PM) nathan: lol
(11:17:12 PM) edar: yay, another way to feel old.
(11:17:13 PM) edar: thanks, nate.
(11:17:16 PM) edar: glad you’ve got my back.
(11:17:49 PM) tim: I used to call them all the time.
(11:18:10 PM) tim: For whatever reason it was my preferred method of checking time.
(11:20:14 PM) nathan: i had an archaic device called a watch
(11:20:22 PM) edar: watch what?
(11:20:43 PM) nathan: it was a chronometer kept strapped to the wrist
(11:20:48 PM) nathan: it was a weird time
(11:20:57 PM) edar: i don’t even understand the words you’re saying right now.
(11:21:02 PM) nathan: heh
(11:21:05 PM) eric: fortunately I can translate
(11:21:07 PM) eric:
(11:21:23 PM) edar:
THAT is your translation?
(11:21:48 PM) eric: maybe my translation is more of a transcription
(11:22:44 PM) edar: are you talking about protein synthesis right now?
(11:22:44 PM) eric: it was a weird time in his life and the time on his chronometer was weird
(11:23:22 PM) eric: phantom tollbooth
(11:24:59 PM) Jack: eric: you can think you’re in wherever you want, but you live in the foothills of confusion

(11:28:22 PM) edar: i should just have this channel transcribed in real time to my website


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