This isn’t at all creepy in the slightest. This is a totally OK thing to say.

Anyone with even a vaguely feminine-sounding voice in phone support will inevitably get hit on. It is simply the way of things.

I was helping a very nice man on the phone this evening. It wasn’t an issue which required a supervisor, but these things happen from time to time. I was walking him through what I saw, and in the middle of one of my sentences, he asked, “what time do you get off tonight?”

This is a normal question – I figured he wondered if I had sufficient time to fully resolve his issue, so I told him I’d be leaving at midnight, and began to reassure him my third shift colleagues would take good care of him after that.

“I hesitate to ask, but what’s the weather like up there?”
“It’s up to 26 degrees right now, so not too bad.”

“Huh. Well, I’m in Orlando… and… I have a spare bedroom. You could… y’know… move down here and work where it’s warm. And then I could make sure you’re the only one who works on my server.”

“Ah, ha ha. Anyhow, the backup blah blah blah.”

“You’ve always been so helpful, and you’ve fixed things other people haven’t been able to even find. Plus, you sound so lovely.”

“Ha ha ha. Ok, this should be blah blah blah.”


Pro-tip: Don’t hit on your support team. Or your wait staff. Or your cab driver. We’re just trying to do our jobs over here, man.


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