Shanks McGee

(09:42:18 PM) vmay: edar: Why do you like being a super?
(09:42:48 PM) vmay: It can’t be that great babysitting us.
(09:43:09 PM) ecraig: nice rlong
(09:43:22 PM) ecraig: and wat vmay? I’m the most fun to babysit
(09:43:30 PM) vmay: Haha. No
(09:45:05 PM) edar: vmay: When I lived in Seattle, one of my jobs was as a motorcycle mechanic. The lead mechanic was a total dick, and liked to get seriously abusive, particularly with me, since I was the only female employee in the entire shop, let alone in the back. One night, he took things a little bit too far, and I ended up shoving a wrench down his throat.

After I did my time (3 years, but only served 6 months for good behavior – another story unto itself,) I swore to become the most tolerable supervisor ever.

Also, I am not allowed near sharp objects, and this job doesn’t have any within easy reach.
(09:46:12 PM) ecraig: whoa now I remember why I don’t use puns
(09:46:18 PM) rlong: I don’t see how crossing you could ever be a good idea edar
(09:46:27 PM) edar: they called me Shanks McGee in the joint.
(09:48:00 PM) vmay: edar: The best part of that story is that I can’t tell if you’re serious or not.
(09:48:12 PM) edar: and that is the part i most love.
(09:49:06 PM) agangler: did you get your wrench back?
(09:49:26 PM) edar: probably still in an evidence box somewhere
(09:49:41 PM) agangler: cops are the same everywhere


(09:46:51 PM) Eric Craig: holy shi … thats intense edat
(09:46:59 PM) edar: also entirely made up
(09:47:22 PM) Eric Craig: totally fell for it good job you should write stories
(09:47:44 PM) edar: lol – that wasn’t even trying, you’re just easy 😉
(09:47:49 PM) ***Eric Craig as I look up the ones you did write
(09:47:59 PM) edar: nothing is published under my real name 😉
(09:48:08 PM) Eric Craig: I’m only easy because I can’t see your face
(09:48:18 PM) edar: 😀
(09:49:01 PM) Eric Craig: I’m usually excellent at telling if one of my good friends is yanking my chain but yea very nice
Eric Craig is typing…

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  1. chalupa
    April 18, 2015 at 7:49 am

    Yeah but now I wanna look up the literary works of Shanks McGee 🙂

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