Puns make me angry. Fiercely, horribly, egregiously, irrationally angry.

My team knows this. Some of them, however, cannot help themselves (and, to be fair, making me burst into flames is probably considered an added plus.)

(10:45:03 PM) morgan: Why don’t lobsters share?
(10:45:23 PM) alex: idk morgan why?
(10:45:32 PM) morgan: Because they’re shellfish
(10:45:36 PM) nathan: You see as it is November, I let my facial hair grow, I didn’t like it at first, but then it grew on me.
(10:45:39 PM) Jack: we should give edar a chance to answer first
(10:45:41 PM) Jack: i mean, really
(10:46:26 PM) Jack left the room (Kicked (no one appreciates a tattle-tale)).

(10:46:52 PM) morgan: I’m okay with this job right now, but I kind of want to move into a career in mirror polishing. It’s just a job I could really see myself doing.
(10:46:59 PM) Jack [jack@Jack-mini] entered the room.
(10:47:45 PM) russ: your puns are especially bad today morgan

(10:49:00 PM) nathan: i feel the need to confess, I’ve been stealing most of my puns from my grandmas facebook posts

(10:51:12 PM) edar: i lack the energy to go back and collect the horrible rest of them.
(10:51:44 PM) Jack: oh that’s helpful
(10:51:47 PM) Jack: then we know what’s been used
(10:51:50 PM) Jack: we can reuse them
(10:58:37 PM) ***morganĀ is elated
(10:58:47 PM) morgan: I wondered how long before those got their own page šŸ˜€
(10:59:04 PM) edar: i get tired just thinking about making it
(11:01:39 PM) nathan: edar is tired, it’s a current event ………….
(11:02:03 PM) nathan: because she lacks energy
(11:02:38 PM) edar: <thud>
(11:02:48 PM) Jack: but wouldn’t it be a current non-event?
(11:03:38 PM) russ: i believe it would actually be a non-current event
(11:04:54 PM) nathan: i was just trying to say she might need to go ohm
(11:04:56 PM) nathan: better?
(11:05:36 PM) Jack: I just hope she doesn’t put the positives and negatives here together – she might get short with us
(11:06:19 PM) nathan: oh damn
(11:06:24 PM) ***nathanĀ golf claps
(11:06:34 PM) brian: Jack -_-
(11:06:44 PM) russ: yall gon die
(11:07:50 PM) edar: jim aardvark hayhurst, i swear by everything holy
11:08:33 PM) alex: like doughnuts?
(11:08:37 PM) Jack: barrels?
(11:08:40 PM) Jack: sinks?

They can (AND WILL) do this all freaking night long.

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