Bluehost – you are terrible.  I wanted to download a backup for a customer. Their completely ridiculous “custom” cPanel environment is atrocious, and doesn’t allow for generating a full, current backup; you’re stuck with whichever backup ran last on their system, which might be from five minutes or five days ago. I was in luck – the backup was less than… Read more →


Oh, Valerie – you adorable little pudding pie. Your random, completely a-propos-of-nothing comments are a thing to behold. Truly.   (05:36:07 PM) Valerie May: If you want to take a nap under your cube, you can use my blanket. It’s super soft. I also have a couple of plushies you can use a pillow.   (09:18:53 PM) Valerie May: I was going… Read more →

Shanks McGee

(09:42:18 PM) vmay: edar: Why do you like being a super? (09:42:48 PM) vmay: It can’t be that great babysitting us. (09:43:09 PM) ecraig: nice rlong (09:43:22 PM) ecraig: and wat vmay? I’m the most fun to babysit (09:43:30 PM) vmay: Haha. No (09:45:05 PM) edar: vmay: When I lived in Seattle, one of my jobs was as a motorcycle… Read more →

ecraig, part next

(11:01:17 PM) ecraig: we discussed this one time while I shared the ins and outs of coffee (11:01:56 PM) ecraig: ask mmaiville, jankney and jreal about coffee (11:02:16 PM) mmaiville: please don’t 🙁 (11:02:21 PM) dasinger: (11:02:33 PM) ecraig: I LOVE THAT TUNE (11:02:54 PM) edar: some of you were there for the time ecraig described my living room… Read more →

Not my night

Whenever I invite Corey out, he always asks, “so who all is going?” because he is so cool, he must ensure it’s worth his while to show up, and evidently, I, by myself, am not worth his time. Monday night, I was shooting some pool at one bar, when Corey Kelly called and asked me to go to a different bar… Read more →


One of my admins just came up to my desk to get the new password. This was the entirety of the conversation: Jasper: Globalsign. Globalsign. Globalsign? Me: Globalsign. <handing him the password> Jasper: Globalsign. <he writes it down, hands it back.> Globalsign. Me: Globalsign! He walks away, mission accomplished. Read more →

Funny Doctors

For months, I had more-extreme-than-usual photosensitivity – to the point where driving at night was impossible due to the pain from oncoming headlights. As an afterthought while at the doctor, I asked: Me: Hey… could you look up my nose? Him: Why, did you put a toy truck up there? Ha, ha. I love my doc, I really do –… Read more →

Grammar and Correct Spelling (or the lack entirely thereof)

(11:48:56 PM) JJ: I’m on the edar didn’t sleep time for bed old train (11:48:59 PM) ***JJ rubs eyes (11:49:06 PM) rlong: whimps (11:49:11 PM) edar: *wimps (11:49:30 PM) fort: you’re correcting spelling, you can go to the bar (11:49:39 PM) JJ: your* (11:49:51 PM) bmccormick: *yer (11:49:58 PM) mworgesscarveth: JJ: *yore (11:50:00 PM) JJ: *u (11:50:03 PM) JJ: r… Read more →