Our new business endeavor

(09:28:34 PM) tkillian: We should make our own bakery (09:28:44 PM) tkillian: and sell happy cupcakes that make people happy (09:28:58 PM) tkillian: secret ingredient is Viagra (09:29:00 PM) edarling: caitlin can help (09:29:01 PM) edarling: oh (09:29:22 PM) tkillian: made with a little extra love :heart: (09:29:49 PM) nmiller: pinch of molly (09:30:03 PM) tkillian: Molly and Viagra (09:30:13… Read more →


rlong: y’all be safe driving tonight, those winds are looking pretty intense, seeing gusts of over 50mph heading our way [23:36]jreal: and here I was hoping that just… wouldn’t..  happen [23:36]ecraig: I should have ridden my bike [23:36]jreal: I should have ridden a kite [23:36]ecraig: 🙂 [23:36]ecraig:I like extreme things [23:36]acarl: I have a flamingo one in my car right… Read more →

Public Schools

(09/27/2015 05:15:23 PM) edar: burrito del mar, extra guac please and thank you! (05:15:43 PM) edar: beans instead of rice (05:15:45 PM) edar: because i’m picky (05:15:47 PM) edar: apparently (05:15:58 PM) cal: omrgerd (05:16:06 PM) edar: I WANT IT TO BE SERVED AT 189 DEGREES (05:16:09 PM) edar: on a pony (05:16:12 PM) cal: … (05:16:14 PM) edar: wearing… Read more →

Tokyo Banana

(04:55:06 PM) Eric Craig: pick me pick me lol (04:55:11 PM) edar: ?? (04:55:29 PM) Eric Craig: tokyo banana (04:55:36 PM) edar: wat?!     (08:09:14 PM) Eric Craig: Pants… I’m not wearing shorts again for like a month (08:09:29 PM) edar: ? (08:09:47 PM) Eric Craig: Lol, just being a wuss —————–     For scale: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tokyo_Banana “The cream… Read more →

Bad Assumptions

I write reviews as a side project for a little extra cash, including for products of an adult nature. A week or so ago, I bought one such thing, and used the PayPal account I already had linked up with ClickBank without looking at whether it was my business or my personal account. I assumed it was my personal account. (Spoilers,… Read more →


I drink because I am sometimes an idiot. Also, because muscle memory is A Thing, and I cannot type “myself” without typing “mysql” at least twice. Same thing with “serves,” which becomes “servers.” At any rate. Part of my job as a supervisor is to monitor the quality of our support tickets to make sure everyone is providing the quality customer… Read more →

Confusing Bro Moments

One of my favorite bartenders also frequents his own establishment in his off-hours. We’ve gotten to know each other a bit, buy each other drinks, the usual thing. He’s my bro, my buddy; I’d be his wingman anytime. A couple of weeks back, I was sitting at a table with work buds, and he came up and talked to us… Read more →