Our new business endeavor

(09:28:34 PM) tkillian: We should make our own bakery
(09:28:44 PM) tkillian: and sell happy cupcakes that make people happy
(09:28:58 PM) tkillian: secret ingredient is Viagra
(09:29:00 PM) edarling: caitlin can help
(09:29:01 PM) edarling: oh
(09:29:22 PM) tkillian: made with a little extra love :heart:
(09:29:49 PM) nmiller: pinch of molly
(09:30:03 PM) tkillian: Molly and Viagra
(09:30:13 PM) tkillian: Might as well put poppers in there too
(09:30:14 PM) nmiller: thats seriously so dangerous
(09:30:23 PM) jsinger: what about Molly OR Viagra, and mix them up.
(09:30:33 PM) nmiller: almost as dangerous^
(09:31:01 PM) tkillian: We can even put blueberries in them
(09:31:09 PM) tkillian: you know, antioxidants.
(09:31:50 PM) edarling: well, this took an unexpected turn
(09:31:59 PM) nmiller: >>takes bow
(09:32:24 PM) tkillian: So, who wants to try out
(09:32:46 PM) nmiller: ive gone so many years without accidental baby making, pass
(09:32:52 PM) tkillian: Gluten free Viagra Molly infused cupcakes with Blueberry popper icing?
(09:32:59 PM) edarling: who could resist
(09:33:30 PM) tkillian: We’ll put sugar shack out of business

(09:33:59 PM) tkillian: and create like a hyper sexualized population
(09:34:17 PM) nmiller: this is how idiocracy happens you know

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