I drink because I am sometimes an idiot.

Also, because muscle memory is A Thing, and I cannot type “myself” without typing “mysql” at least twice. Same thing with “serves,” which becomes “servers.”

At any rate.

Part of my job as a supervisor is to monitor the quality of our support tickets to make sure everyone is providing the quality customer service and support for which we are literally world-renowned. One of the things which pains me most is, “As I have reached the end of my shit, I will pass this ticket off.”

…the end of my shit…


I even sent out an email about being mindful of that particular detail, as it is very easy to type and overlook when proofreading.

Imagine my horror today, when:

(10:24:53 PM) Chris Kulpa: HA ha ha ha
Hi Billy – Vicki will unfortunately not be in for her shit tonight,
(07/15/2015 03:16:35 PM) edar: SON OF A WHORE
(03:16:37 PM) edar: <sigh>
(03:22:20 PM) Chris Kulpa: LOL 🙂
(03:22:30 PM) edar: i hate it when people do that.
(03:22:35 PM) edar: turns out, i hate it more when *I* do
(03:22:42 PM) Chris Kulpa: LMAO Same here :/

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  1. August 7, 2015 at 10:09 am

    Is that anything like losing your shit?

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