Jack is such a precious goddamn snowflake as to warrant his own page.


I shall require some time to compose my thoughts. In the meantime, enjoy some jabber logs.


(12/23/2014 09:40:09 PM) needles: (09:39:28 PM) knifed: ino – that’s what i said, “i wouldn’t have fun” and erin says “jim alligator hayhurst you are just blah blah blah” (i kinda stopped listening once she made it halfway through the sentence)
(09:47:23 PM) needles: (09:40:18 PM) needles@brandonmurphy.us/Work: Isn’t that kinda your default?
(09:40:44 PM) knifed:
not listening to her? yea.
(09:41:10 PM) knifed:
like, sometimes it’s a pain cause i have to specifically not do what she says – so i have to go do something i don’t want to but she forbid me from doing
(09:41:13 PM) knifed:
i mean, u kno

(12/25/2014 03:34:01 PM) happy_unicorn: yeah that sounds about right


Jack does not work weekends, but he has ops in a Jabber room I frequent.  Occasionally, he likes to flex his ops, and kicks me:

(08:22:31 PM) Señor_Jackass: when i got home
(08:22:34 PM) mod_ponyo: oh
(08:22:35 PM) Señor_Jackass: there was a reminder on my phone
(08:22:35 PM) mod_ponyo: its you
(08:22:43 PM) Señor_Jackass: reminding me to kick happy_unicorn
(08:22:50 PM) You have been kicked by jack_knifed@brandonmurphy.us: (any idea how that got there?)

I know this has to be in reference to a support ticket I assigned to him – I just … don’t care. So I watched him kick me, and I’ve stayed kicked to irk him. Apparently, that worked, because about a half hour after he kicked me and I didn’t rejoin, his computer (which is about 15 feet behind me) started speaking.

“Science,” it said. 
“Oh boy,” I thought; “here we go.”
People within earshot looked askance. 

“Edat the Supervisor.”
“Ms. Supervisor.”

We are problem solvers here at our company.

I turned off his speakers. Problem solved. 

(08:45:22 PM) Calleigh Fisher: jakdept says its your fault – just passing on the message
(08:47:43 PM) edar: duly noted, thank you
(08:47:58 PM) Calleigh Fisher: np <3


(07:44:25 PM) happy_unicorn: are you secret santaing?
(07:45:18 PM) happy_unicorn: ok you are
(07:45:44 PM) Jack: i’m going to shit in a box
(07:45:46 PM) Jack: wrap it up
(07:45:49 PM) Jack: and put it on your desk
(07:45:55 PM) Jack: no matter who your secret santa is
(07:46:04 PM) happy_unicorn: so, pretty much like any other day, then
(07:47:10 PM) Jack: i have googley eyes for the box
(07:47:14 PM) Jack: oh
(07:47:15 PM) Jack: OH
(07:47:17 PM) Jack: OH MY GOD
(07:47:30 PM) Jack: i just thought of perhaps the most amazing gift ever
(07:48:05 PM) Jack: ok, maybe not so much
(07:48:17 PM) happy_unicorn: lol
(09:25:02 PM) Jack: FAK FAK FAK
(09:25:11 PM) Jack: now i really have no idea what to get for secret santa shit
(09:25:11 PM) Jack: :/
(09:25:22 PM) Jack: OOO
(09:25:23 PM) Jack: OOO
(09:25:23 PM) Jack: OOO
(09:25:24 PM) Jack: I KNOW
(09:26:19 PM) Jack: except i don’t
(09:26:40 PM) happy_unicorn:
(09:26:46 PM) Jack: WAT
(09:26:48 PM) Jack: SHUTUP
(09:27:13 PM) Jack: IM NOT NEEDY
(09:27:41 PM) happy_unicorn: <pat pat>


(09:19:23 PM) Jack: i blame you
(09:19:28 PM) Jack: this close to getting my third monitor going
<literally the next second, sounds of metal clanging across the floor>


(08:49:34 PM) Lexy: (types name of one person who’s a problem)
(08:49:38 PM) Lexy: (types name of second problem person)
(08:49:49 PM) Lexy: Also I am sorry
(08:49:50 PM) edar: why are you saying these names at me
(08:49:58 PM) edar: because jack.
(08:50:10 PM) Lexy: He is giggling loudly
(08:50:18 PM) edar: of course he is
(08:53:39 PM) Lexy: I think he came down here only for that
(08:55:18 PM) edar: probs


3:20 AM – JackKnifed: you should be upset by now
3:21 AM – NoGirlsOnTheInternet: lol. about?
3:21 AM – JackKnifed: UMMM…. yes
3:21 AM – NoGirlsOnTheInternet: ok. I AM SUPER MAD RIGHT NOW, GRRRR.
3:22 AM – JackKnifed: i don’t believe this now because i do not believe you are a girl


(07:50:05 PM) edar: i havent’ had sushi in over a week. (!!!!)
(07:50:21 PM) bmccormick: waaaat
(07:50:45 PM) Jack: wait, ur getting sushi?
(07:50:48 PM) edar: yep.
(07:50:50 PM) Jack: too bad i don’t have any £ :/
(07:50:56 PM) Jack: wait
(07:50:56 PM) edar: you had food when i got here 😛
(07:50:59 PM) Jack: §
(07:51:03 PM) edar: also you hate seafood.
(07:51:07 PM) Jack: oh
(07:51:10 PM) edar: other than that, yes; this is a tragedy.


(11:29:54 PM) jreal: Don’t forget: Bdubs tonight 🙂
(11:30:05 PM) rlong: ^
(11:30:06 PM) rlong: yes
(11:30:09 PM) rlong: very much yes
(11:35:58 PM) edar: grumble grumble sleep grumble
(11:36:10 PM) rlong: sleep when you’re dead
(11:36:24 PM) fort: ^
(11:36:30 PM) edar: but i’m OLD
(11:36:36 PM) fort: oh shut up!
(11:37:45 PM) nmiller: venerable edar venerable
(11:37:55 PM) edar: but i’m VENERABLE
(11:47:23 PM) Jack: i heard edar isn’t going to bdubs
(11:47:29 PM) Jack: that’d be the perfect night for me to go
(11:47:35 PM) Jack: (now she’ll go)
(11:48:11 PM) edar: it’s so cute how your ego thinks.


(07:15:31 PM) Jack: http://home.woot.com/plus/the-obligatory-fruit-cake-sale?ref=cnt_wp_9
(07:18:08 PM) happy_unicorn: i want to be very clear
(07:18:11 PM) happy_unicorn: YOU ARE NOT MY SECRET SANTA
(07:18:28 PM) happy_unicorn: even if i draw you


(11:52:30 PM) Jack: (dude’s got a shitton of clicks)
(11:52:34 PM) Jack: (clicks)
(11:52:36 PM) happy_unicorn: jerks
(11:52:38 PM) Jack: (clicks)
(11:52:38 PM) Jack: (clicks)
(11:52:39 PM) Jack: (clicks)
(11:52:39 PM) Jack: (clicks)
(11:52:39 PM) Jack: (clicks)
(11:52:40 PM) Jack: (clicks)
(11:52:47 PM) happy_unicorn: how’d that go again?
(11:58:16 PM) Jack: (clicks)
(11:58:55 PM) happy_unicorn: thx


(07:38:50 PM) mod_ponyo: http://www.quickmeme.com/img/25/25314e8871656c5afc1cea6ef6487b4976f23bdf7130c1213f0e71aa8e1ee1ac.jpg
(07:38:57 PM) Jackass: i’m gonna reach these kids
(07:39:02 PM) Jackass: gonna do it with a 2×4


(07:37:43 PM) jhayhurst: magento is dumb
(07:37:49 PM) jhayhurst: i wouldn’t put anything past it
(07:38:21 PM) jhayhurst: owait it’s trying to write to /var/log/system.log?
(07:38:22 PM) jhayhurst: yea, no
(07:38:30 PM) jhayhurst: that can’t happen
(07:38:32 PM) jhayhurst: magento is dumb
(07:39:02 PM) ckelly: I feel like you went in a circle and started and ended with magento is dumb 😛
(07:39:22 PM) jhayhurst: i feel like, with magento, that is completely justified


James: Don’t come to Reno’s looking for me – I’m going to be gone.
me: i… wasn’t gonna?
James: Kinda surprising – I mean have you seen me?
me: once or twice.

Sent at 10:52 PM on Sunday


(11:54:01 PM) Jack: this is that moment where you scold me


(11:00:40 PM) Jack: god do some work
(11:00:47 PM) happy_unicorn: no u
(11:00:52 PM) Jack: ….no?
(11:00:57 PM) happy_unicorn: see?
(11:01:05 PM) Jack: i’m not “responsible”
(11:09:00 PM) happy_unicorn: now your’e just trolling for more page content
(11:09:08 PM) Jack: no
(11:09:10 PM) Jack: so hey
(11:09:35 PM) Jack: do you understand the “chief programming team” and “egoless programming team” models?
(11:09:46 PM) happy_unicorn: nope
(11:09:57 PM) happy_unicorn: never heard of them
(11:10:02 PM) Jack: waterfall development method?
(11:10:16 PM) happy_unicorn: have we met?
(11:10:21 PM) happy_unicorn: i’ve never heard of these things
(11:12:54 PM) Jack: i’m going to give you some homework – if you have time to skim the stuff, you’re going to want to read it a bit
(11:13:15 PM) happy_unicorn:
(11:14:19 PM) Jack: YEP
(11:14:25 PM) Jack: WORDS
(11:14:29 PM) happy_unicorn: not tonight, i’m not
(11:14:31 PM) Jack: MORE THAN THREE
(11:14:32 PM) Jack: :p
(11:14:32 PM) happy_unicorn: BECAUSE DRINKING.
(11:14:33 PM) Jack: it’s ok
(11:14:39 PM) Jack: then you’re not going to understand what i’m saying :p
(11:14:52 PM) happy_unicorn: which is fine, because you’ll be there to explain it to me
(11:14:52 PM) Jack: i’m going to send you an email with all of these things anyway :p
(11:22:44 PM) Jack: glance at this before tomorrow http://www.careerstep.com/blog/technology-news/troubleshooting-a-problem-a-how-to-approach
(11:27:28 PM) happy_unicorn: done
(11:27:31 PM) happy_unicorn: i saw words
(11:27:46 PM) happy_unicorn: but yes, this is familiar, not because i’ve seen it before, but because it’s common sense
(11:28:40 PM) Jack: around here, common sense is a superpower
(11:29:01 PM) happy_unicorn: that is a true thing.


(11:25:28 PM) Jack: sometimes i wish i had visual studio’s debugger tools :/
(11:25:42 PM) happy_unicorn: sometimes i wish you had a soul
(11:25:47 PM) Jack: no you don’t
(11:25:50 PM) Jack: that’d be SILLY
(11:26:02 PM) Jack: like, what would i do with it?
(11:26:08 PM) happy_unicorn: be human?
(11:26:13 PM) Jack: what’s that?


(07:35:15 PM) Jack: and then he’s setting up dkim for outgoing email – to combat incoming spam
(07:35:27 PM) happy_unicorn:
(07:35:29 PM) happy_unicorn: lkdjf;lkjfsl;kjf
(07:37:01 PM) Jack: i kinda enjoy making you just facepalm – it’s a hobby
(07:37:44 PM)happy_unicorn: ball = ticket. players =  Support


(07:51:51 PM) Jack: SHIT SOCKS SON


(10:57:14 PM) mod_ponyo: what will it take to make jak wear a fedora?
(10:57:22 PM) [ Snorgle free for 0 days ]: $20 bucks
(10:57:27 PM) Jim Alligator Hayhurst: put percona in it


(04:10:57 PM) Jack: why do i enjoy customers losing their data and shit so much?
(04:11:04 PM) Jack: it’s like a special joy to me
(04:11:09 PM) Jack: i guess i’m just evil 😀


(05:34:31 PM) Jack: one of these days i’m going to say something stupid and you’re gonna snap
(05:34:39 PM) Jack: then you’re gonna start killing people – probably me first
(05:34:45 PM) happy_unicorn: “probably”
(05:34:48 PM) Jack: and i won’t give a shit cause i’ll just be laughing my ass off
(05:34:49 PM) happy_unicorn: as if there were any doubt whatsoever
(05:35:00 PM) happy_unicorn: and now i’m armed


(09:47:28 PM) Jack: also sometimes it’s really fun to italics random words in a sentence


(09:53:54 PM) happy_unicorn: ofc
(09:54:05 PM) Jack: did you see what i just did?
(09:54:12 PM) happy_unicorn: NO
(09:54:23 PM) Jack: YA THATS RIGHT
(09:55:58 PM) Jack: remember that thing i told you i was going to do?
(09:56:03 PM) happy_unicorn: oh god which one
(09:56:16 PM) Jack: lexy was here
(09:56:19 PM) Jack: when she was just here
(09:56:25 PM) happy_unicorn: yah
(09:56:30 PM) happy_unicorn: the pony thing
(09:56:54 PM) Jack: WHERE IS THE PONY
(09:56:58 PM) Jack: WHERE IS THE PONY ERIN
(09:58:53 PM) happy_unicorn: is it in my ass?
(09:58:56 PM) happy_unicorn: HOW DID YOU GET IT IN MY ASS?
(09:59:24 PM) Jack: #magick
(09:59:37 PM) happy_unicorn: dammit, jack
(09:59:42 PM) happy_unicorn: i’ve ASKED you not to sneak things into my ass
(10:02:10 PM) Jack: ok


(11:13:00 PM) Jack: brb soda
(11:14:39 PM) Jack: bak
(11:57:08 PM) Jack: can i sue that customer for… something?


(07:31:59 PM) Jack: call her a twat for me
(07:32:02 PM) Jack: ITLL FEEL GOOD


(07:47:42 PM) Jack: i haz teh plague – i can go hoam nao?
(07:49:21 PM) happy_unicorn: nope


(06:21:12 PM) Jack: FAKIN PIECE O SHITE
(06:21:24 PM) happy_unicorn: I LOVE PONIES

(06:43:06 PM) Jack: i didn’t tell anyone to fuck off (that i remember today) ??


(11:03:54 PM) Canadian Citizenship is good for the hands: Seriously tho. SpiderOak sounds like a strictly terrible card that Jack would try to build a combo deck around

(11:41:41 PM) Jack: erin
(11:41:42 PM) Jack: ERIN
(11:41:43 PM) Jack: ERIN
(11:41:48 PM) Jack: HEY YOU
(11:41:56 PM) Jack: say “bluetooth audio”


(09:43:14 PM) happy_unicorn: i was about to say, “i saw the violent femmes in concert before you were born,” but it was actually when you were four. carry on.


(11:05:25 PM) Jack: one of these days one of the local news stations is gonna run a story about a local man that died while trying to have sex with a tornado or something – and it’ll be him


(05:04:56 PM) Jack: are you even getting these jabbers?


(05:17:18 PM) Jack: lol
(05:17:24 PM) Jack: lol
(05:17:26 PM) Jack: provisioning
(05:17:28 PM) Jack: lol


(11:13:41 PM) JJ: Jack: are you cheese?

(11:14:49 PM) ***JJ puts hand on bible in cheese court
(11:15:31 PM) Jack: it’d be funny if edar kicked one of you guys and said “cheese it”


(05:06:22 PM) Jack: apparently i have confused you for lunchbox


(07:55:05 PM) Jack: looks like he sent that to you
(07:55:09 PM) Jack: i think that means you have to do it
(07:55:29 PM) happy_unicorn: done
(07:55:40 PM) happy_unicorn: and by “done,” i mean “kicked over to escalations, jak dept.”


(12:01:39 AM) Jack: you don’t have anything to say about it
(12:01:42 AM) Jack: period
(12:01:45 AM) happy_unicorn: i sort of do


(06:47:45 PM) happy_unicorn: this isn’t about you jack


(04:16:52 PM) Jack: see, this would be where i ask questions, except i have no sleep and don’t really want to know anyway
(04:18:22 PM) happy_unicorn: i’m not even sure what you mean, but ok


(08:36:28 PM) Jack: Hello,

I’ve been corrected, and notified that we typically look into OOM issues on our own.
(08:36:35 PM) Jack: i need like a… not dick way to word that
(08:36:39 PM) Jack: ??


(08:29:04 PM) Jack: i got this
(08:29:29 PM) happy_unicorn: <le sigh>


(10:11:20 PM) Jack: customer wanted me to repair their databases
(10:11:22 PM) Jack: REAL HARD
(10:11:23 PM) Jack: SO HARD
(10:11:31 PM) Jack: “no, liek, u jus need sum .htaccess”
(10:11:33 PM) happy_unicorn: is your penis really required in this situation jakc?
(10:11:35 PM) Jack: “NO BETTER REPAIR”
(10:11:43 PM) Jack: ……yes?
(11:43:39 PM) Jack: lol “chairs”


(05:13:28 PM) Jack: “but Oh hey are you here today i need this one little thing”
(05:13:38 PM) happy_unicorn: welcome to job?


(08:29:04 PM) Jackass: 1 pants


(06:01:25 PM) Jack: DID YOU NOTICE?
(06:01:30 PM) happy_unicorn: hm?
(06:01:32 PM) Jack: “don’t go to taco bell” she says
(06:01:36 PM) Jack: so of course
(06:02:34 PM) happy_unicorn: naturally


(08:25:48 PM) Jack: “i’m going to go find a printer that will print 11×17 paper”
(08:26:00 PM) Jack: ./comes back with pizza, hadn’t looked at a single printer


(08:28:44 PM) Jack: printers are hardware


(07:32:04 PM) Jack: don’t tell them “this is all horrible”
(07:32:07 PM) Jack: that would probably be bad
(07:32:09 PM) happy_unicorn: have we even met
(07:32:16 PM) Jack: yes
(07:32:22 PM) Jack: that’s why i felt it was important to specify that

(07:32:28 PM) Jack: cause that seems like something either you or i would do
(07:32:41 PM) Jack: more me than you, but w/e
(07:32:48 PM) happy_unicorn: deffo more you than me


(12:02:50 AM) Jack: you should be proud of me
(12:02:59 AM) Jack: i’ve erased 5 messages i typed into #esc so far


(08:16:37 PM) Jack: acksully
(08:16:41 PM) Jack: i just had an even better idea
(08:16:42 PM) Jack: lol
(08:16:47 PM) happy_unicorn: go
(08:16:58 PM) Jack: you give him a page – i pop into your wordpress install and break his page in a way that you can’t fix
(08:17:01 PM) Jack: just so he doesn’t have a page
(08:17:14 PM) happy_unicorn: i have no doubt that would be possible
(08:17:16 PM) happy_unicorn: i’ve met me
(08:17:25 PM) Jack: yea, that, but more importantly, there’s me
(08:17:29 PM) Jack: i’d do something real fucked
(08:17:33 PM) Jack: and laugh while i was doing it
(08:17:35 PM) happy_unicorn: yes.
(08:17:37 PM) happy_unicorn: yes you would.


(05:31:36 PM) Jack: so liek
(05:31:43 PM) Jack: i’m gonna go “fix’ your ckelly page
(05:31:47 PM) happy_unicorn: oh?
(05:31:48 PM) Jack: that or i’m never gonna help you again :p
(05:31:51 PM) happy_unicorn: lol
(05:31:55 PM) Jack: UR PICK
(05:32:04 PM) Jack: i mean, i “do” need your permission
(05:32:15 PM) happy_unicorn: and when you say, “fix,” you mean…
(05:32:20 PM) Jack: i promise i’ll only change your .htaccess :p
(05:32:26 PM) Jack: JUST ONE LINE
(05:32:30 PM) happy_unicorn: yeah, no
(05:32:34 PM) Jack: DAWWWW
(05:33:34 PM) Jack: RewriteRule ^\/?ckelly\/?(.*)$ /jack/$1 [F, R=302, L]
(05:33:38 PM) Jack: ITD BE GLORIOUS
(05:33:42 PM) happy_unicorn: why would you want to be confused with ckelly?
(05:33:59 PM) Jack: i actually mostly want to hear ckelly be all “wat”
(05:34:16 PM) Jack: oh wait, I guess I don’t need the R=302 – that would be bad with the PT that should’ve been there instead of F
(05:34:24 PM) happy_unicorn: i mean, you could set one up for his ip address…
(05:34:30 PM) Jack: lol i could
(05:34:40 PM) Jack: that’s even better
(05:34:42 PM) happy_unicorn: 🙂
(05:35:21 PM) Jack: that’s gotta happen
(05:35:40 PM) Jack: still, this is too much work :/
(05:43:02 PM) happy_unicorn: lol
(05:51:07 PM) Jack: dawww it’s not working
(05:51:09 PM) Jack: redirect loop
(05:51:13 PM) Jack: i left it commented out :/


(06:28:42 PM) Jack: so, what am i doing for food?
(08:28:45 PM)
happy_unicorn: i assume you do not want any dead, uncooked fish?
(08:29:03 PM) Jack: nope
(08:29:12 PM) Jack: i’m going to go… like… get… something… dunno what tho


(05:53:04 PM) Jack: are you going to share it with me or anything?
(05:53:06 PM) Jack: or no?
(05:54:03 PM) happy_unicorn: not til i send it
(05:57:31 PM) Jack: i swear to god


(08:30:43 PM) Jackass: sissy pants


(05:13:09 PM) happy_unicorn: “Given that the notification popped once total, this whole ticket may have been a waste of your time.”
nope! lol
(05:13:20 PM) Jack: wait, wut?
(05:13:23 PM) Jack: i can’t have that?
(05:13:25 PM) happy_unicorn: we’re not going to say that, no
(05:13:29 PM) Jack: he OPENED THE TICKET
(05:13:38 PM) Jack: you’re no fun
(05:13:41 PM) happy_unicorn: “Given that the notification popped up only once, I believe we can consider this a non-issue.”
(05:13:47 PM) Jack: pish posh
(05:13:49 PM) happy_unicorn: yeah i know
(05:13:51 PM) Jack: second
(05:14:20 PM) Jack: you didn’t just take the wind from my sails
(05:14:26 PM) Jack: you did this http://missiontofit.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/sail.jpg
(05:14:39 PM) happy_unicorn: hey, i let you keep “there was nothing to see here.”
(05:15:11 PM) Jack: is that it?
(05:15:20 PM) happy_unicorn: yeah the rest is fine


(04:25:53 PM) Jack: do you want it?
(05:10:31 PM) Jack: hey
(05:10:32 PM) Jack: you


(11:27:00 PM) Jack: JUST SAYIN
(11:27:10 PM) Jack: (straightface.jpg)
(11:31:22 PM) Jack: call ’em a bitch
(11:31:24 PM) Jack: do it
(11:31:27 PM) Jack: “ur a bitch”
(11:31:45 PM) Jack: “listen bitch, lern 2 seagulls”


(11:16:22 PM) Jack: bullshit bullshit bullshit


(08:12:56 PM) Jack: your wordpress theme makes me want to drink


(07:24:23 PM) Jack: “website down third time today”
(07:24:33 PM) Jack: reply: “sounds like a hattrick :-)”


(05:46:35 PM) happy_unicorn: huh, nice
(05:46:46 PM) Jack: NOT LIKE YOU EVEN CARE
(05:52:09 PM) happy_unicorn: i could pretend to?
(05:52:49 PM) Jack: i don’t think it would be very convincing
(05:53:11 PM) Jack: you’ve been pretending to “play bl:tps” and yet i currently don’t believe any part of it
(05:53:31 PM) happy_unicorn: i’ve been doing no such thing
(05:53:36 PM) happy_unicorn: not for a couple of weeks
(05:53:54 PM) Jack: see
(05:53:56 PM) Jack: SEE


(09:43:24 PM) adam: anyone able to point me to someone who could take a look at my netbook sometime? doesn’t want to power on/doesn’t charge.

(09:44:12 PM) brian: adam have you tried plugging it in?

(09:44:32 PM) edar has set the topic to: (09:44:12 PM) brian: adam have you tried plugging it in?

(10:01:34 PM) brian: your laptop is fixed adam, you’re welcome
(10:01:36 PM) Jack: don’t use a washing machine
(10:01:42 PM) adam: dish washer?
(10:01:45 PM) Jack: laundry detergent is terrible on computers
(10:01:45 PM) Jack: yes
(10:01:47 PM) Jack: with soap
(10:01:57 PM) Jack: and that streak stuff – lots of that
(10:02:05 PM) eric: jetdry
(10:02:05 PM) Jack: you don’t want streaks on your computer or motherboard
(10:02:11 PM) Jack: ty ecraig – jetdry
(10:02:14 PM) eric: heh
(10:02:45 PM) JJ: is glossy screen makes nice finish using dish washer
(10:02:45 PM) eric: I was hoping for a new maple syrup sushi roll…


(09:45:52 PM) Jack: i would like to point out my disappointment
(09:45:58 PM) Jack: right here
(09:46:00 PM) Jack: in this channel
(09:46:24 PM) Jack: not one pun has been made tonight :/

(09:48:36 PM) Jack left the room (Kicked (fuck off)).
(09:48:36 PM) Jack left the room (Kicked (fuck off)).
(09:53:51 PM) MattAdor: :’D
(09:54:15 PM) edar: if history holds true, he won’t be back for a month.
(09:56:32 PM) “I’m a baaaad man!” Butters: lol
(10:01:20 PM) Jack [jhayhurst@liquidweb.com/Jack-mini] entered the room.
(10:01:24 PM) edar: shit.
(10:01:31 PM) Jack: i didn’t even make a joke

(10:02:27 PM) edar: http://whydoesedardrink.com/jack/
(10:03:29 PM) Jack: that page would be 3 x punnier if i wrote it
(10:03:44 PM) Jack left the room (Kicked (seriously.)).
(10:03:44 PM) Jack left the room (Kicked (seriously.)).

[maniacal giggling from jack’s desk]

(10:06:46 PM) Jack: i only really goto italics when i’m about to fall off my oh shii….
(10:06:47 PM) Jack left the room.
(10:07:00 PM) Jack [jhayhurst@liquidweb.com/Jack-mini] entered the room.
(10:07:05 PM) Jack: k, i’m good

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