I Know A Guy

(07:58:38 PM) tsewell: I need a good pair of pliers
(07:58:50 PM) me: hm. that i don’t have, but setups would.
(07:58:52 PM) tsewell: The alternative is that I can just remove the top of the desk itself.
(07:58:57 PM) me: lol
(07:59:02 PM) me: rlong has a leatherman
(07:59:03 PM) me: big enough?
(07:59:09 PM) tsewell: Not sure.
(07:59:12 PM) me: shit he probably has more than that
(07:59:14 PM) me: might be worth askin
(07:59:48 PM) me: (07:59:38 PM) rlong: i got this
(07:59:41 PM) me: 😀
(08:00:04 PM) me: (07:59:47 PM) rlong: i have 2 on me, plus tools in my car
(07:59:54 PM) me: lol TWO ON YOU
(07:59:56 PM) me: <3
(07:59:57 PM) me: god i adore you
(08:00:16 PM) tsewell: haha
(08:04:14 PM) rlong: oh, i have the actual monitor stand wrenches too if he has the silver monitor stands
(08:05:50 PM) me: lol. of course you do.
russ, i need a 12-month-old Merino ewe, 17 deep-well 18mm sockets, the carbs from a ’72 Beetle, 6 peacock eggs, and a Haitian passport.
i assume you’ll need to go to your car for at least one of those.
(08:06:07 PM) rlong: give me like 15 minutes
(08:06:09 PM) me: <nod>

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  1. Nathan
    March 10, 2017 at 3:59 am

    Please, remember me.

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