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I am a bad person.   11:15PM lkreft How do you feel about vegetables? me: terrified. i had a really traumatic experience with a rutabaga when i was four.  lkreft: Well nevermind then.   me: worse, i lived in the middle of a cornfield for 18 years. you don’t escape that shit unscathed. and don’t get me started on…… Read more →


Oh, Valerie – you adorable little pudding pie. Your random, completely a-propos-of-nothing comments are a thing to behold. Truly.   (05:36:07 PM) Valerie May: If you want to take a nap under your cube, you can use my blanket. It’s super soft. I also have a couple of plushies you can use a pillow.   (09:18:53 PM) Valerie May: I was going… Read more →

Shanks McGee

(09:42:18 PM) vmay: edar: Why do you like being a super? (09:42:48 PM) vmay: It can’t be that great babysitting us. (09:43:09 PM) ecraig: nice rlong (09:43:22 PM) ecraig: and wat vmay? I’m the most fun to babysit (09:43:30 PM) vmay: Haha. No (09:45:05 PM) edar: vmay: When I lived in Seattle, one of my jobs was as a motorcycle… Read more →