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I Know A Guy

(07:58:38 PM) tsewell: I need a good pair of pliers (07:58:50 PM) me: hm. that i don’t have, but setups would. (07:58:52 PM) tsewell: The alternative is that I can just remove the top of the desk itself. (07:58:57 PM) me: lol (07:59:02 PM) me: rlong has a leatherman (07:59:03 PM) me: big enough? (07:59:09 PM) tsewell: Not sure. (07:59:12… Read more →

You did what, now?

Right, so – sometimes the people on my team are just wonderful and amazing. And sometimes, I wonder how they have managed to get this far in life without killing themselves doing something dumb. Name withheld to protect the doofus: Him: so I was messing around a few nights ago. I will sometimes just google random things and just get… Read more →

Words. Bad, Bad Words.

[23:37]  roberlin So I just learned that apparently ⁠⁠irregardless⁠⁠ actually is a word. I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. [23:42]  jsinger “if the word doesn’t exist, just make it up.” – Billiam Shakespeare [23:42]  edarling this is a nasty rabbit hole down which we do not have time to go. [23:42]  jsinger What… Read more →

Public Schools

(09/27/2015 05:15:23 PM) edar: burrito del mar, extra guac please and thank you! (05:15:43 PM) edar: beans instead of rice (05:15:45 PM) edar: because i’m picky (05:15:47 PM) edar: apparently (05:15:58 PM) cal: omrgerd (05:16:06 PM) edar: I WANT IT TO BE SERVED AT 189 DEGREES (05:16:09 PM) edar: on a pony (05:16:12 PM) cal: … (05:16:14 PM) edar: wearing… Read more →

Tokyo Banana

(04:55:06 PM) Eric Craig: pick me pick me lol (04:55:11 PM) edar: ?? (04:55:29 PM) Eric Craig: tokyo banana (04:55:36 PM) edar: wat?!     (08:09:14 PM) Eric Craig: Pants… I’m not wearing shorts again for like a month (08:09:29 PM) edar: ? (08:09:47 PM) Eric Craig: Lol, just being a wuss —————–     For scale: “The cream… Read more →