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Words. Bad, Bad Words.

[23:37]  roberlin So I just learned that apparently ⁠⁠irregardless⁠⁠ actually is a word. I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. [23:42]  jsinger “if the word doesn’t exist, just make it up.” – Billiam Shakespeare [23:42]  edarling this is a nasty rabbit hole down which we do not have time to go. [23:42]  jsinger What… Read more →


Bluehost – you are terrible.  I wanted to download a backup for a customer. Their completely ridiculous “custom” cPanel environment is atrocious, and doesn’t allow for generating a full, current backup; you’re stuck with whichever backup ran last on their system, which might be from five minutes or five days ago. I was in luck – the backup was less than… Read more →

Grammar and Correct Spelling (or the lack entirely thereof)

(11:48:56 PM) JJ: I’m on the edar didn’t sleep time for bed old train (11:48:59 PM) ***JJ rubs eyes (11:49:06 PM) rlong: whimps (11:49:11 PM) edar: *wimps (11:49:30 PM) fort: you’re correcting spelling, you can go to the bar (11:49:39 PM) JJ: your* (11:49:51 PM) bmccormick: *yer (11:49:58 PM) mworgesscarveth: JJ: *yore (11:50:00 PM) JJ: *u (11:50:03 PM) JJ: r… Read more →

“Recovery” in the loosest possible sense

(11:17:04 PM) topmeh: 2014-11-29 23:16:46 [7458] 1XuhmM-0005EZ-R1 Berkeley DB error: PANIC: fatal region error detected; run recovery (11:17:08 PM) topmeh: dafuq is that exim (11:17:35 PM) topmeh: thats why the exim man log is 5G (11:17:38 PM) topmeh: i’ve (11:17:41 PM) topmeh: never seen that (11:17:41 PM) Jim Alligator Hayhurst: <spit-take> (11:17:43 PM) topmeh: have u? (11:17:49 PM) mod_ponyo: once.… Read more →


Puns make me angry. Fiercely, horribly, egregiously, irrationally angry. My team knows this. Some of them, however, cannot help themselves (and, to be fair, making me burst into flames is probably considered an added plus.) (10:45:03 PM) morgan: Why don’t lobsters share? (10:45:23 PM) alex: idk morgan why? (10:45:32 PM) morgan: Because they’re shellfish (10:45:36 PM) nathan: You see as… Read more →