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Mouth Confusion

(11:41:24 PM) eric: I may have a caffeine problem when I am undecided on which beverage on my desk is more important to my mouth… Red Bull or the Latte… should I mix them? (11:41:45 PM) lexy: You should. Let us know how it goes. (11:43:28 PM) eric: hmmm tastes like fudgecicle Read more →


Puns make me angry. Fiercely, horribly, egregiously, irrationally angry. My team knows this. Some of them, however, cannot help themselves (and, to be fair, making me burst into flames is probably considered an added plus.) (10:45:03 PM) morgan: Why don’t lobsters share? (10:45:23 PM) alex: idk morgan why? (10:45:32 PM) morgan: Because they’re shellfish (10:45:36 PM) nathan: You see as… Read more →

Could happen to anyone, really

One of our setups guys racked a server upside-down today. I have been flipping everything on his desk upside-down all day. (11/21/2014 07:16:10 PM) Ryan: You doin anything for lunch? (07:16:34 PM) edar: haven’t yet, what’re you thinking? (07:16:53 PM) edar: ¿pooƃ punos ƃuᴉɥʇʎuɐ (07:21:24 PM) Ryan: Lol, Is that you fliping my things on my desk 😛 (07:21:41 PM)… Read more →


(08:34:29 PM) David: are you killing Adam? (08:37:07 PM) edar: yus (08:37:08 PM) edar: gently (08:38:26 PM) David: Hmm… puns don’t seem like they’d work on him… what method did work? (08:39:00 PM) edar: punching (08:39:11 PM) edar: gentle punching (08:39:12 PM) edar: to death (08:39:15 PM) David: wow… what warranted that? (08:39:25 PM) edar: he was trying to cheer… Read more →

Because Work

Because: Instead of backing up an account, we deleted it. (no backups were present) Instead of charging the right customer, we charged the wrong one. (The wrong one noticed) Instead of creating a migration ticket for right customer, we scared the pants off the wrong one. Instead of deleting the account the customer asked us to delete, we deleted the main (wrong) one. (no backups were… Read more →