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You did what, now?

Right, so – sometimes the people on my team are just wonderful and amazing. And sometimes, I wonder how they have managed to get this far in life without killing themselves doing something dumb. Name withheld to protect the doofus: Him: so I was messing around a few nights ago. I will sometimes just google random things and just get… Read more →

My Team Are So Thoughtful

Regarding a highly-argumentative customer, with whom I had to become stern: [15:34]  zpreuss She never got back to you lol [15:35]  edarling I KNOW [15:35]  fuck [15:35]  I WANTED TO FIGHT SOME MORE [15:35]  zpreuss That is honestly the worst feeling [15:35]  edarling now i have fight blueballs :disappointed: [15:36]  zpreuss Want me… Read more →

Words. Bad, Bad Words.

[23:37]  roberlin So I just learned that apparently ⁠⁠irregardless⁠⁠ actually is a word. I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. [23:42]  jsinger “if the word doesn’t exist, just make it up.” – Billiam Shakespeare [23:42]  edarling this is a nasty rabbit hole down which we do not have time to go. [23:42]  jsinger What… Read more →

Our new business endeavor

(09:28:34 PM) tkillian: We should make our own bakery (09:28:44 PM) tkillian: and sell happy cupcakes that make people happy (09:28:58 PM) tkillian: secret ingredient is Viagra (09:29:00 PM) edarling: caitlin can help (09:29:01 PM) edarling: oh (09:29:22 PM) tkillian: made with a little extra love :heart: (09:29:49 PM) nmiller: pinch of molly (09:30:03 PM) tkillian: Molly and Viagra (09:30:13… Read more →

Bad Assumptions

I write reviews as a side project for a little extra cash, including for products of an adult nature. A week or so ago, I bought one such thing, and used the PayPal account I already had linked up with ClickBank without looking at whether it was my business or my personal account. I assumed it was my personal account. (Spoilers,… Read more →

Grammar and Correct Spelling (or the lack entirely thereof)

(11:48:56 PM) JJ: I’m on the edar didn’t sleep time for bed old train (11:48:59 PM) ***JJ rubs eyes (11:49:06 PM) rlong: whimps (11:49:11 PM) edar: *wimps (11:49:30 PM) fort: you’re correcting spelling, you can go to the bar (11:49:39 PM) JJ: your* (11:49:51 PM) bmccormick: *yer (11:49:58 PM) mworgesscarveth: JJ: *yore (11:50:00 PM) JJ: *u (11:50:03 PM) JJ: r… Read more →