Because Work



  • Instead of backing up an account, we deleted it.
    • (no backups were present)
  • Instead of charging the right customer, we charged the wrong one.
    • (The wrong one noticed)
  • Instead of creating a migration ticket for right customer, we scared the pants off the wrong one.
  • Instead of deleting the account the customer asked us to delete, we deleted the main (wrong) one.
    • (no backups were present)
  • Instead of following ALL-CAPS instructions, we IGNORED them.
  • Instead of putting a CAPTCHA plugin on our comment forms, we leave them open to the world.
  • Instead of picking up a 12-pack of soda, I obliterated my longissimus dorsi.
  • Instead of installing an SSL with a working CA bundle in May, we installed it without one.
  • Instead of not detroiting something important, we did detroit something important.
    • (No redundant architecture in place. Is ok, though; we’re not a network-based company)

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