Bad Assumptions

I write reviews as a side project for a little extra cash, including for products of an adult nature. A week or so ago, I bought one such thing, and used the PayPal account I already had linked up with ClickBank without looking at whether it was my business or my personal account. I assumed it was my personal account.

(Spoilers, it was the business one.)


This is only relevant because¬†the digital product was so god-awful, I couldn’t sit through enough of it to actually write a comprehensive review. It had a money-back guarantee attached, so I wrote the guy for a refund, which he issued promptly.


I assumed that was the last I’d hear of this.


The PayPal refund email was followed immediately by:
benny vasquez:
The things you buy and then return are HILARIOUS


It took me a moment to figure out how the stinkin’ heck she saw anything about it, before I realized what had happened. A hasty explanation followed, not that she would have required one, because she is amazing in every way.


[Sadly, I cannot say here what the product was, as the vendor kindly requested I not write anything about it if I was so dissatisfied; alas.]

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