Why you should fucking listen to your system admin

[This is a guest post by the ever-awesome cpaxton.]   The implementation and maintenance of a LAMP stack server (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP), requires a broad base of computer knowledge. This includes some basic coding, database management, hardware, networking, DNS, cyber security, and SMTP knowledge. While very few of us are masters in any one of these fields, and… Read more →

I Know A Guy

(07:58:38 PM) tsewell: I need a good pair of pliers (07:58:50 PM) me: hm. that i don’t have, but setups would. (07:58:52 PM) tsewell: The alternative is that I can just remove the top of the desk itself. (07:58:57 PM) me: lol (07:59:02 PM) me: rlong has a leatherman (07:59:03 PM) me: big enough? (07:59:09 PM) tsewell: Not sure. (07:59:12… Read more →

LiveJournal Post from 2008

I’m going through and adding some of the LJ posts I want to keep to my other blog, and came across this one, which will be appreciated by many here:   Things We Are Not Allowed to Do in the IT Industry August 15th, 2008 (04:20 am) Tags: funny Scott R. sent me this link today. I rofl’d. It’s Monday,… Read more →

You did what, now?

Right, so – sometimes the people on my team are just wonderful and amazing. And sometimes, I wonder how they have managed to get this far in life without killing themselves doing something dumb. Name withheld to protect the doofus: Him: so I was messing around a few nights ago. I will sometimes just google random things and just get… Read more →

My Team Are So Thoughtful

Regarding a highly-argumentative customer, with whom I had to become stern: [15:34]  zpreuss She never got back to you lol [15:35]  edarling I KNOW [15:35]  fuck [15:35]  I WANTED TO FIGHT SOME MORE [15:35]  zpreuss That is honestly the worst feeling [15:35]  edarling now i have fight blueballs :disappointed: [15:36]  zpreuss Want me… Read more →


I am a bad person.   11:15PM lkreft How do you feel about vegetables? me: terrified. i had a really traumatic experience with a rutabaga when i was four.  lkreft: Well nevermind then.   me: worse, i lived in the middle of a cornfield for 18 years. you don’t escape that shit unscathed. and don’t get me started on…… Read more →

Words. Bad, Bad Words.

[23:37]  roberlin So I just learned that apparently ⁠⁠irregardless⁠⁠ actually is a word. I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. [23:42]  jsinger “if the word doesn’t exist, just make it up.” – Billiam Shakespeare [23:42]  edarling this is a nasty rabbit hole down which we do not have time to go. [23:42]  jsinger What… Read more →